Call for SF stories to be translated into Polish

Image by Лариса Мозговая from PixabayCall

An Anthology of European Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories in Polish has been announced, to be published by Grupa Wydawnicza Alpaka and edited by Mikołaj Mrozik et al. It will be a free e-book, prepared by volunteers and thus will not be paying for stories, but it will be offering translation services to European authors.

Stories, up to 40 000 words, will be translated into Polish, at the expense of the publisher, from English, German, Finnish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Swedish, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian and several other languages.

“The idea for it is to have one or two short stories from as many European countries as possible. Additionally, we would love to feature a short essay about the local SF&F fandom and community about each country. We are calling on all European writers and fans who are willing to contribute,” said Marcin Klak, one of the editors.

Grupa Wydawnicza Alpaka has already published a collection of Dutch stories and I am looking forward to seeing this on my Kindle. For submissions, queries and questions about this, please write to alpaka at ksf dot org dot pl.



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