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My parents had this huge bed which had a radio in the headboard. On Sunday morning, I would lie in with Mum and listen to plays based on fairy tales. This was not enough, of course, so I soon had cassettes. So I fell in love with radio drama at an early age. Later, there was Douglas Adams. Which I listened to religiously. Predictably, I fell in love podcasts.

Escape Pod Logo

Escape Pod was one I discovered first, and the fact that it mentions Croatia in one of the earliest episodes made me go all goose bumpy. It also made me appreciate certain stories more, like Nancy Kress’ “Nano Comes to Clifford Falls”. English not being my native tongue, some of the clues that would make people hear it a certain way are just fly over my head when I am reading it. But when I heard it told to me, in a female voice, with a specific accent, it was a whole different story.

At Chicon last summer I fell in love with Squeecast. In Croatia there was a valid attempt at podcasting but there are no podcasts currently. I confess that I have no idea how many genre related podcasts there are in Europe and how popular or well liked they are in their countries. Which makes me a bit panicky about the panel on podcast I am taking part in today at Conflux.

On the other hand, I did take part in creating podcasts. One just recently, too. KRAM StuFf is an Adelaide based SF podcast with an interesting time limit: episodes are limited to 5 minutes. Me being as chatty as I am, they had to give me five episodes.





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