Fan Funds Auction at Conflux – pics

The Fan Funds Auction is one of the fundraising activities for GUFF. At Conflux the Auction is on Sunday at 10:00 and I will be putting in these faboulous items.

Necklace by Antonija handcraftsEurocon 2013 Kontakt T-shirtSwancon 2013 T-shirtCroatian SF Anthology in English:=)

FantasyAwesome book, awesome authorHorrorA female werewolf with a standClassic paranormal romanceSigned copyThank you MSFSSigned copy!




About Mihaela Marija Perkovic

Mihaela Marija Perkovic was GUFF laureate 2013 and is now the European GUFF Adminstrator. She is also a writer. And Mum. PR wizard. Journalist. Translator. Clutz. Copywriter. SF fan. Writing workshops aficionado. SFera member. Conrunner. Lousy photographer.
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