Gillian’s Call for Recipes: “Foodie fandom: The all new e-cookbook”

4617939363_7855c5d0e7_mGillian Polack, last year’s GUFF delegate to Loncon3 and current Australasian GUFF administrator has put out a call for favourite recipes from SF friends. Having traveled to Finland and Croatia this summer after Loncon3 I have no doubt Gillian tried some of the finest delicacies from both countries. This obviously inspired the cookbook writer in her so she came up with a very cool idea on GUFF fundraising!

Here’s what she says:

I’ve discovered over the years that even fans who claim to be non-cooks often have one recipe, one mouth-wateringly wonderful dish that they make when asked to bring a plate. And fandom needs another cookbook. And I need to raise money for GUFF.

Send me your recipes! Ask your friends to send me their recipes! As many recipes as you like! Spread the word across world fandom!

Since this is an international endeavour, there will be many oven temperatures and spoon sizes. Tell me what country you’re from (and tell me a bit about yourself if you want other fans to know) so that I can make sure that your oven temperatures are translated properly in the tables of measurements. Your recipe will be in the book as you have given it to me using this oven-of-origin system, and fans from the other side of the world will be able to make it using my magnificent translation tables.

Normally, when I put a cookbook together, I translate everything into a standard recipe format. I’ll only change or adapt recipes when the recipe provider asks me to or when there is a significant problem. Having said that, I’m happy to have “I think this is how we make it, but all I’ve got is a page of notes: can you make sense of it for me?” recipes.

One thing I love about SF fandom is its variety and its fascinating people, so I want to hear from as many of you as possible. I’ll correct typos and adjust ambiguities and make the internal formatting within the recipe consistent, but in most cases, that’ll be all I’ll do.

Speaking of fascinating fandom, this cookbook is not just for one branch of fandom. You may be a gamer, a literary fan, a furry fan, a cosplayer, a fanfic writer, an artist or belong to any of the thousand other parts of fandom that make our lives so wonderful. This is where we all come together and enjoy food. (And while I’m thinking of art, if anyone has art they’d like to see in the book, talk to me. Also, if someone has a burning desire to typeset the book, I’d love to hear from you.)

This ebook is not just for English-language fandom (although the book will be in English). If you know people who might be interested but have no English or not quite enough English, do not despair! I read several languages and have friends who read several more. By hook or by crook we’ll get your recipes translated. (My friends won’t know I’m asking them until I’m faced with a language I don’t have, though, so don’t scare them off.)

I prefer recipes in the format:
Title of recipe (giver of recipe, country)

Having said that, if putting something in a correct format is going to stop you sending me the recipe, then just send me the recipe. Send me any number of recipes. Spread the word to fannish cooks all over the globe. I want this to be the biggest cookbook fandom has ever seen!

How do you get me your recipes? Simply fill in the web form here and make sure that the first words say “Fan cookbook.” If your recipe isn’t in English, then please tell me what language it’s in, just to make it easier.

Send me your recipes by 15 July 2015.

Addendum: Several people have asked me about the contact form. The contact form strips some formatting but the paragraph returns survive at my end (even though it looks as if they don’t, at the sender’s). Don’t panic! Just send me your recipes…,











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