Marching on…

The entire March has almost gone without posts here. But it has been an exceptionally excellent month for me. Being an anxiety ridden individual, now I am afraid the world will crash around me to ruin it all. But, inspired by this comic by Darko Macan, a great SF writer and the person who first made me gather the courage to call myself as a writer out loud, I will brag post an update.

Photo by Paula Borošak
Photo by Paula Borošak

At the end of February, I took part in a panel entitled What women read? and it was lively and interesting and I behaved in a thoroughly unladylike manner when things got heated while we were discussing that erotic Twilight fanfic movie. I did feel guilt pangs later but that all passed when I read an account of the panel in an influential Croatian portal that I like and read, wherein I was quoted as saying “When a woman say no, the man should stop. End of story.” Achievement unlocked! I was – don’t know why – more happy about that than about the fact that they also quoted me saying I would like to read more pregnant women in space. (And I would. Am writing some, too.) Some of the things I said that were borderline inappropriate were also mentioned, and quite kindly left unattributed. Egobooo!

The Croatian Ministry of Culture supported a novel of mine, so I will have a book published this year. EEEEEEK!

In a quite unexpected turn of events, that enabled me to pay bills for heat and other necessary things, a script proposal that I developed at SFera’s Scriptwriting Workshop run by the amazing Croatian scriptwriter Irena Krcelic, was selected for endorsement by the Croatian Audiovisual Center! EEEEEEK again!

Then, to top that, trough the kind help of former Australian GUFF administrator and the first GUFF delegate ever to visit a Eurocon, Kylie Ding, and a timely introduction to fan selling her membership via James Shields, I managed to get myself organized enough to attend my first Eastercon this year! I am beside myself with happiness. Dysprosium, here I come!

And you would think this is where it ends. Nope. I have a new part-time writing job that is very challenging but looks very promising.

And then there’s Pyrkon at the end of April. I will get to see the largest European SF con the Polish conrunner Radoslaw Kot and South African author Lauren Beukes have told me so much about.

It does mean I will not be at Eurocon to lose the ESFS Award for best SF promoter again, but hey, with my luck, this year I just might win! 🙂

And this morning I got into a writing workshop at Eastercon.

March is about to end. I am going to Istrakon this weekend and I aim to enjoy myself. And talk about nightmares in literature and film, podcasts, young fans screwing things up and books I have read and loved.

And I don’t care if I do get rid of these small red spots I got all over from being overly anxious due to all these good things happening to me. Not at all. 🙂



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