How about a castle in Spain?

By Urbano Suárez via Wikimedia Commons

Sometime in January I bought a collection of speculative fiction in Spanish (here, should you happen to be interested). I figured I’d muddle through is somehow or other, I did study Italian, after all and if I apply myself…

Well, so far I have read none. I still might. I am very glad I supported the book in some way. Non-anglophone SF, as I belong to it myself, is something I try to seek out and read as much as possible.

In the middle of January I also got an e-mail telling me about this crowdfunding campaign to translate Spanish genre stories into English. I loved it, just did not have the time right then to write about it. Yes – life, sinuses, chickenpox and kids get in the way of everything. Work especially.

But luckily, it is not too late (three more weeks til closing time!) to help the Spanish into English and yourself to a castle in Spain! 🙂 Just follow me there.



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