The 2019 GUFF Delegate is Simon Litten!

New Zealand fan Simon Litten will be the GUFF delegate at the Irish Worldcon this summer in Dublin, representing Australian and New Zealand SF fandom. Litten won against Australian writer and Conflux organizer, Nicole Murphy, and fellow New Zealander and con-runner, Lynelle Howel, in a hard fought race.

“It was a very nail biting race. Marcin and I counted the 73 votes and recounted them and double-checked they were correctly entered and that corresponding donations were made. Because no candidate had more than half the votes, the candidate with the lowest number of votes had their preferences allocated to the remaining candidates. This means there were 63 votes remaining between two candidates. Litten achieved the majority of votes with only one vote between the winning candidate and the runner up, “ writes Donna Maree Hanson, the current GUFF Co-Administrator in a press release announcing the winner.

Sadly, Litten will not be able to travel outside Worldcon to visit other European fandoms and conventions, but he is very involved in the NZ Worldon and will gladly be grilled about it, as he mentions in his interview at Fandom Rover.



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