Accountability: August 2019

I had such big blogging plans for August, and the month just wooshed by me. A month ago I would have been pissed off for not making the bare minimum I set myself for any month – 4 posts – but August was all holidays and fun and good tiredness, and very little time for writing. 

I spent the first week of the month in Zagreb, alone, working a few very long days and taking some very long walks with my dog in the evening in the nearby park, where it was cooler than at home. Despite that, the real heat had not yet set in and I was grateful for it. Especially since the neighbourhood pool had closed down for repairs and cleaning.

Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin

Most of August was vacation time and con time, which is one and the same for me, as I found out last summer when I felt strange and lost and directionless having some weeks at the seaside and zero cons to plan or run. As Zadar is the one Croatian city with a direct flight to Dublin, that is what we had booked. It also meant that I got to spend a weekend on Ugljan prior to Ireland and a few days enjoying the Adriatic afterwards as well. 

Whiterocks beach, Northern Ireland

A good thing is that: it was really hot when we got back and had I had to go straight to Zagreb, I would have died of irritation and tired and heat. As it was, I soaked in the sea and slept and slept and slept and then swam some more. Even though I had not skipped swimming in Ireland: in Dublin, there was the hotel pool, and in Northern Ireland on our last day the weather was sunny and hot and there was Whiterocks beach and I swam in the Atlantic.

Worldcon bagde

Worldcon was fantastic, so was Eurocon, and so were Dublin, Belfast, Cliffs of Moher, Galway, the Hill of Tara, Newgrange, Dunluce Castle, Whiterocks beach, and all the lovely roads we drove. All of them deserving a post of their own, and some might even get.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The last week of the month I spent in a daze of coming back to work, cleaning the house, unpacking, doing laundry and generally attempting to survive the heat. The last day being a Saturday, we spent it on the river Mrežinica, a family tradition we started before our son was born and one which I managed to miss out on last year due to my trip to Waled for Milford. I can hardly believe it has been almost a year since, and two since Worldcon 75 (which tired me out more than I thought possible).

Mrežnica, Croatia



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