The Babadook at Fantastic Zagreb

248589_208614119177965_207029446003099_539669_5752729_nToday is opening night for the only regional film festival dealing in the fantastic – Fantastic Zagreb. I have known about it since its first year – year 0 as the Festival dubs it – but have very bad luck visiting it. I always seem to be at the seaside when it’s on. Today is no different – I am en route to Zadar and the lovely island of Ugljan. Meanwhile, Fantastic Zagreb opens tonight. With an Australian flick called The Babadook. You should all go see it.

I have been hearing about this film since it became famous at Sundance in January. To me, it being Australian would be enough to go watch it, being a horror is a bonus. The tale however scares me: scary picture books, single motherhood, possible madness as a result of attempting to bong with one’s progeny… All of that hits a special kind of home for me. It idi even before I became a parent but since becoming a Mom I find some movies difficult to watch, like Saw and Paranormal Activity, anything that deals with hurting kids, really. Some beloved books are now difficult to read (as in Stephen King’s It, for example or some of Clive Barker). Had to give up Criminal Minds altogether.

As I read all I could find about Jennifer Kent’s old style horror tale, I begin to hope it’s not all me, my hormones and motherhood. Apparently, not everybody is crazy about stuff like Saw and Paranomal Activity. I was going to test it by going to Fantastci Zagreb and seeing The Babadook tonight. Obviously, I am not yet ready because I had memorized the wrong screening time. I won’t be going tonight but the film is on my to watch list. For when I feel ready to be scared out of my mind again. After all, it was made by a woman. And an Australian.



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