Dr. Who 50th Anniversary Trailer

Dr. Who is loved in Croatia, although it is not as widely known as in the UK and Australia. The show was aired on Croatian TV when the country was still part of Yugoslavia and most Croatian fans met the character as played by Tom Baker, because those were the episodes we got to watch. At least, those were the first one I ever watched, as a kid, on Saturday afternoons, I think.

Many only just started watching when Russel T. Davies and Christopher Ecclestone came along, and have no memories of any kind of the many colored shawl or the hat.

What I loved about my GUFF trip is the fact that I met so many different fandom members and stayed with fans who very so very different from each other, but they all, all of them, had only one thing to do on Sunday evening, even if it meant skipping the conventions dead dog party. Watch Doctor Who. I do wish I could teleport to Australia and watch the 50th anniversary there, at some hotel, with all the wonderful people I met last spring. (Also, am sure it would be one helluva party).



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