FHere we go again: GUFF call for nominations!

ID-10082501It is that time of the year – time to start another GUFF race! The 2014 race is northbound, meaning that the winning candidates will be traveling from Australia or New Zealand to Europe. Since the venerable Mr. Worldcon is also traveling to Europe that summer, the GUFF delegate will simply have to skip Satellite 4 and go Loncon 3 instead. And risk giving a bit of offense should she or he (or them) decide not to show up at Shamrokon the week after. ;D

The nominations for the 2014 GUFF race are officially open as of today and end on November 15, 2013!

Should you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact me. Before you do, however, do take the time to read the official call and the FAQ attached to it. Or you can download it in .doc, .pdf or .rtf version for offline perusal, printing or pushing at possible candidates you think would make awesome GUFF delegates to Europe.



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Mihaela Marija Perkovic was GUFF laureate 2013 and is now the European GUFF Adminstrator. She is also a writer. And Mum. PR wizard. Journalist. Translator. Clutz. Copywriter. SF fan. Writing workshops aficionado. SFera member. Conrunner. Lousy photographer.
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