Christiane F.

I have been preparing for Rikon, and racking my brain to trying to remember what I read when I was a child that could be or was considered YA at the time. And I came across a book I loved and read when I was twelve, I think. It was We Children of Bahnhof Zoo, by Cristiane F.

I read it in translation and now I have a wild desire to read it again, just to see if I will like it. Drugs, molestation, prostitution and a railway station. I have a hard time believing any Americans would consider this YA literature. I remember borrowing it from the library, it was a huge bestseller and Cristiane F. for me remains the first thing I think of when someone says heroine addict.

And she is still alive and kicking, or rather writing a new book on her life just came out.

Christiane F. – Mein zweites Leben from Deutscher Levante Verlag on Vimeo.



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