Accountability, Almost on Time, For a Change

November started out quite peacefully: I was in China and cut off from Google and social networks altogether, which brought its own kind of rest I apparently needed more than I knew. Also, I love being on planes and traveling halfway around the world does mean 10 or so hours on planes, and that was really restful too. (Yes, I know, crazy, but still.) Also, meeting some big names of SF for the first time and seeing some I only ever got to see in half an hour increments due to con duties was its own kind of awesome. 

I refused to overload myself this month, and have put in some 170 hours (yes, I am counting and using Toggl to do so) but in the end, I succumbed to temptation and in the second week said yes to an education workshop. It played havoc with my schedule and I am again late for stuff that should have been done but I love the workshop and am not sorry. 

The cooking, swimming and writing goals, NaNoWriMo included, went out the window but work, work writing, and kid wrangling got done, as did a lovely amount of reading, resting and cleaning. I may have gone overboard with online shopping and dresses, but hey, who does not need an ill-fitting, bright green with snowflakes Xmas dress and a red dress and a read A skirt and a black leather mini skirt? 

I did fail to organize my kid’s birthday party for the first time in 10 years, but I did get there on time to be there in the morning on his birthday after almost 30 hours of travel. And that was a new one for me, it has been ages since I let go of control long enough to arrive at an airport and not have an already scheduled ride/flight home bt a decision to make. It was one interesting bus ride, though. 

I wrote one story, sent one story out and daydreamed a lot. I bought some books for me and some for my kid and some comics, too. Saw some old friends, and missed out on some old. November was disappointing in terms of cold – where is the autumn I love? – but not so in terms of feeling loved and enjoying myself. Also, somewhat creeping my co-workers out, but that has always been a given: sometimes I will forget to turn the bubbly off. The end of the month did bring a bit of pain, but here’s hope that is temporary and will swiftly pass. 

I am trying not to get ahead of myself and see if I met the goal set for this blog, but did take a peek: November had 5 posts, that is one more than the bare minimum I set for myself and it. The trick is, it seems, to overbook myself and expect 10 or more posts and then I might deliver half. So, not perfect, but better than last year when I ignored it and me altogether.



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