Sweet Lullaby of Rage

“I have no idea what to do…” the merwitch murmured to the giant jellyfish.

The quiet sea creatures lulled all around her in the vast, dark depths. They did not know what to do either.

But they could not tell her that. As their parents raged against the murk and the dark, spasming deep in the oily smoothness, the jellyfish lulled around the mermaid they loved.

She had sang for them, long ago. Now, she reached out to them, caressing the murk away, even as it clung to her, seeping into the strands of her long orange hair, and getting glued to the tips of her earfins. Gathering heaviness, tainting her, just like their own tentacles grew tainted and heavy.

Floating in the depths, the dark turning thick, hugged by tentacles and hair, the merwhich murmured: “I have no idea what to do.”

The jellyfish took her words and her song and her hair and created sonoluminescence.



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