Tin Duck Awards 2013

The Tin Duck Awards are the science fiction achievement awards annually awarded in the Australian state of Western Australia. They are tied to the WA convention Swancon, which was the first stop in my GUFF trip. The Tin Duck Awards are not juried awards, since 1980, when the first one were presented at Swancon 5,  they have been voted on by members of the convention. I did not vote, as I was not familiar with any of the nominated work.

The 2013 winners of the Tin Ducks Awards are:

Best WA Professional Long Written Work

  • WINNER (TIE): Paradox Resolution by Adrian Bedford
  • WINNER (TIE): Shadowfell by Juliet Marrilier
  • Daughter of Hope by Joanna Fay
  • Flame of Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier
  • Hunt for the Star by Dane Richter

Best WA Professional Short Written Work

  • WINNER: “Jack Gorman is Dead” – Sarah Lee Parker
  • “Pearl Red: The Hunt of the Unicorn” – Joanna Fay
  • “La Belle Dame” – Satima Flavel
  • “The Skin of the World” – Stephanie Gunn
  • “Birthday Suit” – Martin Livings

Best WA Professional Production

  • WINNER: The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2011 – Liz Grzyb and Talie Helene (editors), Ticonderoga Publications
  • Bread and Circuses – Felicity Dowker, Ticonderoga Publications
  • Damnation and Dames – Liz Grzyb and Amanda Pillar (editors), Ticonderoga Publications
  • Twelve Planets Series – Alisa Kraznostein (editor), Twelfth Planet Press
  • Midnight and Moonshine – Lisa L Hannett and Angela Slatter, Ticonderoga Publications
  • The 400-Million Year Itch – Steven Utley, Ticonderoga Publications

Best WA Fan Written Work

  • WINNER: Body of work – Elaine Kemp
  • A Star Crystal – Danny Daines
  • drhoz.livejournal.com – Drhoz
  • Platform Thing blog – Kandace Mavrick and Paul McLaughlan
  • The Wolverina blog – Zoe Wadsworth

Best WA Art Work

  • WINNER: Stargate – Queer Feminist Housing Collective
  • Pretty Rock Pictures – Stephanie Bateman-Graham
  • KSP Mini-Con publicity poster – Toby Coulstock
  • Sherlock Box – Nancy Lorenz
  • Covers, Twelve Planets Series – Amanda Rainey
  • The Gentlemanly Escort Cube – Lisa Rye

Best WA Fan Production

  • WINNER: Swancon 2013 Launch Video – Tom Eitelhuber, Andy Hahn and Andrew Sharp
  • Reviews at The Specusphere – Satima Flavell (editor)
  • Video game reviews at XXP Youtube Channel – Muse_shake, Ribqueen, Arinellen and Ithika
  • The Dark Room Youtube Game – John Robertson
  • Swancon 2012: DoomCon – 2012 Convention Committee

Life Membership

  • Grant Stone

Silver Swan

  • Grant Stone (Swancon 10 and/or Swancon 11)
  • Eidolon team (Swancon 25)
  • Danny Oz (Swancon 33)



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