Accountability: April is the Cruelest Month

Images of stuff written in notebooks disappearing haunted my dreams while preparing this post. Not kidding. I had a feeling this past month that I was using all my time, all the time, to keep track of where I am and what I am doing. It was exhausting!

But I did get a lot done. At least I feel like I have, even if I have not yet looked at the numbers. Time still seems to be passing me by, be I awake or not. Also, some of the early April days were so warm and sunny, I felt really low – everyone wants to run outside and I only want to stay home and not be disturbed. Add allergies to that – mine, kid’s, husband’s – and April cruelty becomes real.

Here is last month’s list, give or take a few (and if I think of a large one, I will add it):

  • wrote and published 13 posts on Rantalica, waaaay better than the minimum fou
  • out of those, 3 were book reviews, of which I am very proud of because I so rarely manage to make myself do this
  • wrote about 3000 words of fiction
  • sang and played with my kid and walked in the woods a lot
  • missed Eastercon, but attended Istrakon (where I managed to be late to my own panel)
  • lost a job and a client, and was happy about it (one down, one to go)
  • held 2 workshops, both of which successful, attended one I loved and designed half of one (finally, some progress!)
  • re-read and read what I reviewed, and then some Charlie Stross and Aliette de Bodard and some short stories, and some Dune and some Alwyn Hamilton.
  • spent an average of 5 minutes per day on Instagram (hooray for hiring people!)
  • cleaned almost not at all
  • watched Legends of Tomorrow (no idea why), re-watched Gilmore Girls and watched the new season, which meh, but then that ENDING! hilarious!
  • managed to go to sauna three times a week
  • also, I swam! I swam! (not as much as I should have, but still!)
  • forgot about my novel with plot holes (so time to get on that now!)
  • went on a weekend trip to Istria
  • went to the Zoo two times
  • got to spend almost enough time in Maksimir woods relaxing
  • read 34 stories for Empress of the Damned Housework
  • still: ate way too much (keto is a foreign word now)
  • asparagus came, so I did cook some, and there was that barbecue with friends (I socialized!)
  • managed to socialize outside of work, with friends!

My conclusion: I need to learn how to relax better.

May my May be better!



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