Plans for Rantalica for the Year

I change plans all the time. Mostly, time runs out and I struggle to keep up. Or I give up. Accountability fails because when I have to take it into account, I am usually waaaaay too realistic. And that leads to nothing being done in the end, because small tasks and small goals easily split from my mind.

I have discovered that, for me, planning realistically does not work. Plans that have taken into account how much actual time I have, and how much time I will actually use to do something, have so far failed to get any of my creative projects going. Realistic planning peters out into nothing getting done, because my own expectations sink so low, the small tasks seem not worth doing. And, honestly, also because I am distractible as fuck.

So, I will write at least 4 posts a month on Rantalica in 2019 plus a dozen accountability posts – this one being the first one – and do my damndest to digitize at least 2 of my workshops (since I will not be able to travel to hold one of them live this year, sorry about that, Pyrkon!).

I am overhauling the look and the feel of the blog, re-thinking some of the categories and revitalizing the Famous Fans one, as I really liked that and have no excuse about not managing to be better at it the first time around. It was an idea conceived during my GUFF trip and I think it still has merit. And a gazillion other ideas, some of which will hopefully see the light of day this year.

All this while doing a number of other things: running a business, writing fiction, taking my kid’s dyslexia head on, running workshops and possibly even having a life when I am not sleeping, might just be the most unrealistic plan I have ever hatched. Let me see what it brings!



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