Sydney, day two

I love Dr Who but have not been a very faithful viewer these past few years. Number one, I am still not over David Tennant. Number two, having a child makes time fly and unwatched episodes, seasons even tend to pile up. Now that I am in Australia, every fan home I stayed at had only one thing on the agenda for Sunday night: the new episode. However, the lovely fandom couple Chris and Richard, at whose new Australian home I am staying at during my Sydney visit, have done me one better.Every evening, after dinner, we watch a Dr Who episode. From season five, since this is where I stopped watching. So this morning when I stepped out side into the drizzle that turned into a pretty heavy shower that had me soaking wet within 15 minutes, the Doctor’s voice from last night’s episose was playing in my head: “Oh it never rains, but it pours!”

It really did pour. Even after I changed my outfit, half mu gear was still dripping. An hour and half on the train did not dry it. I had planned a nice day out, sightseeing with a Sydney fan Gene (is every SF fan in Sydney from England?!). The weather had other ideas. Although I should not complain: in 30 days in Australia, today it was the first time it rained. No wonder it was pouring. I obviously had it coming.

Gene and I went to the Powerhouse Museum and to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I enjoyed both, and chatting all the while with a SF fan who has a particular fondness for short stories made me not notice the really awful weather. Pictures? Yes, there are pictures. Lots of decidedly not awesome photos. Here.



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