Road trip!

I’d love to post a witty account of the 15 hour drive from Zagreb to Pyrkon I took yesterday or even some awesome photos. But had taken the time to take those, it would have been a thirty hour trip. Since we did not get out of the car:


The drive was awesome because the company I was in was great. Ankica (the GPS) frequently asked us to turn left, into a river, a wall or a meadow. We failed to obey, a few times in the Czech Republic to our disadvantage too, so we had to double back. When she was indisposed and Google drunk, we resorted to gas stations and communication in my very bad German. There were trucks, small roads, some stunning nature, some startling views and some very weird public statuary. So many sites we wanted to stop and photograph and something that may or may not have been the Museum of Magic. Perhaps on the way back.

During the drive, we also managed to acquire more programming!

So, Croatians at Pyrkon:

Friday, 19:00, Fan Funds – Or how to travel to distant SF cons on zero money and loads of fun!

Sunday, 14:00, Croatian SF scene & literature

Sunday, 16:00, Space Lab


I now am off to meet Poznan and Pyrkon. 🙂



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