Kontakt300It was a year ago today that Wizard’s Press published the e-book edition of Kontakt, the Croatian SF Anthology that the SFera Society – namely Darko Macan and Tatjana Jambrišak as editor and translation editor respectively – produced as the international version of a two-decade-old SFeraKon tradition for the Zagreb Eurocon in 2012. Which we also named Kontakt, just to confuse everyone. 🙂

SFeraKon gives a gift to all its members every year, whether they pay the full, three-day membership or any of the combinations. The gift consists of a short story collection of recent Croatian SF fiction. Some years the call for stories stipulates a theme, some years not. When we hosted Eurocon in 2012, we not only produced the usual annual collection but also an anthology of Croatian SF stories in English and gave those as a gift to all our international members.

I took one of the few remaining copies with me to Australia for my GUFF trip and I told everyone about it. I am sure I also bugged everyone about it when it came out last winter. Still, now that the Barcelona Eurocon is also doing an anthology (love that!), I feel I should write about it again. The first anniversary of the e-book edition is a great excuse. Go buy it, then!



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