Australia Day

rsz_20150127_100144An annual celebration January 26 marking the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788.

For me, a day when I like to remember why I like it so much:

1) There is no other English-speaking country where you can hear national (immigrant) languages spoken so much in the streets while not in special neighborhoods. Australia is the country that is truly multicultural!

2) Australians love food. If one moves there, one is not sentenced to a life  among people who do not value fine cuisine. Also, being truly multicultural means there is so many to choose from. Heaven!

3) Ocean and ocean baths. I am a swim nut, what can I say? The beaches are lovely, currents too strong for my taste but then – ocean baths. Also, sea is so warm I would probably not stop swimming not matter what the name of the season might be.

4) Peter Carey. And Hugh Jackman, of course. A couple of others as well.  There are many Aussie authors I grew to love but I did not read any of them while growing up. So, for me: Peter Carey. And his short stories.

5) All the amazing people I met during my GUFF trip. (Yes this is one is short because I cannot begin to describe it outside my trip report! :P)




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