Discovering Old Habits

When in school, my ability to focus into something made me the best pupil/student anybody ever had. I could never understand how people failed quizzed and exams if they were present in the classroom when that lesson was taught. I could clearly remember the teacher’s words. Except the physics guy and the old math bat, but that’s another story entirely.

Today, this has become my inability to successfully multitask my life. And work. Everything, really. Does not stop me from trying though. (And it makes meditation easy.) It does however make me forget to enjoy music or reading for long stretches. Then I gorge. Occasionally even discover new stuff that I adore.

In 2014 it was local music – a band that sounds like a memory of time I’ve never had. Love the voice, too.

The Marshmallow Notebooks

2015 is off to an early start: I spent most of the weekend glued to the witty Girls with Slingshots.



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