Free Croatian SF Fiction: Parsek 125 is online!


In case you somehow managed to miss out on the Worldcon & Eurocon 2014 issue of Parsek, the Croatian SF fanzine, you can download it here (.pdf)!

Parsek is the fanzine of the Zagreb based science fiction society SFera and one of the oldest fanzines in the region. It’s been coming out in various forms and under various editors for more than 30 years now. In 2o11 it was voted the best European fanzine at the Eurocon in Stockholm.

What I love about it is not only that it publishes new genre authors in Croatia but that it is the venue in which some of our youngest writers get to be published for the first time. Parsek has a special SFeraKon edition in which all the SFERICA winning stories are published. Alas, not in English. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any Parseks in English.

Petra Bulic and I took an issue to Denvention in 2008 and the late Boris Švel, who was editor-in-chiefa and the person who stubbornly insisted  the paper form did not wither away into oblivion, made sure that (almost) every Eurocon since and some Worldons had a special, English edition. (You can find them – marked “in English” here).



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