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Fandom is like a family.
A family full of strange cousins living all over the world, speaking a multitude of languages but having the same interests, the love of books and the same pet peeves.
Tim Powers, one of my favorite writers, came to Croatia as guest of honour for Zagreb second Eurocon in 2012. I asked him how he liked it here and he said it was great, but that his favorite part was coming into the con. because, where ever he may find himself, coming to an SF con was just like coming home.
And it is.

Finncon 2013

Two things fans Down Under found surprising at my GUFF presentations: the size of the Croatian national con (approximately 1000 members) and then the fact that Finncon did not charge for membership. Me, I think SF fandom should consider Finncon … Continue reading

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Swancon: Generations

Croatian fandom is young. Not meaning we did not have one 20 years ago, because we did. Croatian fans are young: the average age of a Croatian con member is 23. Which tends to come as a bit of a … Continue reading

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