SFeraKon 2015 in English

In exactly one week I will be half-crazy and half-ecstatic, running around doing a million things at once. I call this the SFeraKon Saturday Insanity. The second day of the biggest Croatian SF con is always hectic for me. Almost all the journalists turn up within the same hour, of course,  and the SFERA and […]

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SFeraKon 2015!

SFerKon 2015 will be held May 15-17, 2015, at FER (that’s the acronym for the Croatian name of the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing that has served as the venue for the largest Croatian con for 15 years now!) and the Guest of Honour will be the American writer Kate Elliott. […]

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It was a year ago today that Wizard’s Press published the e-book edition of Kontakt, the Croatian SF Anthology that the SFera Society – namely Darko Macan and Tatjana Jambrišak as editor and translation editor respectively – produced as the international version of a two-decade-old SFeraKon tradition for the Zagreb Eurocon in 2012. Which we […]

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Interview at EuropaSF

I have been interviewed by Cristian Tamas, the Romanian author and fan who runs the EuropaSF portal, winner of the 2013 ESFS Award. This year in Kiev, at Eurocon 2013, a new  board has been elected to run the European Science Fiction Society for the next three years. Since the same people had been running […]

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Swancon 2013

Small or big, any con with four guests of honour ends up with lots of interesting programming items. But small ones, like Swancon, have the advantage: very few scheduling conflicts! I will not have to choose between Charlie Stross, John Birmingham, Gail Simone and Lucy Sussex.

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