How the Colonial Universe Came To Be

Or how it went down when I published my first novel Prolaz za divljac (The Wildlife Crossing). In the time that preceded publishing my first novel, my dear editor Mihaela played a game with me. It was a game called “let’s see what you can write and just how fast you can deliver a finished […]

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Shippers everywhere

Watching Avengers: Age of Ultron made me think that shipping has gone mainstream. Shippers have become so vigorously unashamed of their ships (not to say proud) that they have become visible to the point where is impossible to ignore them. Shipping as a term originated from Original Star Trek where ship was often referred as […]

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Being a mum and writing some

Me, twenty or more years ago, when I was ten or so, that’s when I started reading SF. I still hadn’t read everything library had to offer. This was before Twitter, Facebook, online fan fiction communities and the endless stream of data you can find if you know how to surf through all the unnecessaries. […]

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Writing as somebody else

When we write as somebody else, in another person’s style, does that qualify us as multiple personality disorder candidates or does it just shine a light on the less prominent parts of our personality? I like to think it’s the latter but then again I see faces in the patterns of my wooden doors. In […]

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Reading fan-fiction (and sometimes, more often, writing it)

When you dive into another person’s fiction so deeply that you feel their characters as if they are of your own making, or, if not that, then at least as if you can move them outside boundaries that media like television imposes on them, then you’re a bit like a mad woman, a crazy old […]

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