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Devin Jeyathurai is an educator and professional communicator living in Singapore. Once upon a time he was the editor of the Singapore edition of Electronic Gaming Monthly. He's been a fan of speculative fiction all his life and he's unashamed to call myself a geek. His interests change all the time, and have included: animation and anime; comic books and superheroes in general; role-playing games and LARPing; electronic, computer and video games; as well as various genre interests (science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime) in all forms including television series and movies. These days he focuses most on what he can read, although he also sometimes play games on his phone or tablet.

Not Quite a Billion Year Spree: Swancon at 40

Ten years ago, I attended Swancon XXX, a strange and wondrous affair held at the Emerald Hotel Perth (now the Rendezvous Hotel Perth Central). I have many memories of that, my first SF convention, but the one thing that stands … Continue reading

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