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GUFF in Finland, Finnish fan in GUFF

Thanks to the amazing Ben Romoila, my GUFF trip introduced me to Finnish fandom. Now the boot is on the other foot, with Jukka Halme standing for the north-south GUFF journey. In honour of this reversal, here are select extracts from my GUFF report. If you want the whole thing, it’s available for a donation… Continue reading GUFF in Finland, Finnish fan in GUFF

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Fantastic Zagreb 2013

As I've mentioned, ever since I got back from my GUFF trip to Australia and New Zealand, a part of my brain has been thinking about all the possible destinations I will be trying to get Australian and NZ GUFF delegates to visit. Predictably, Croatia is first on my list. Not only because I know… Continue reading Fantastic Zagreb 2013

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Sydney, day two

I love Dr Who but have not been a very faithful viewer these past few years. Number one, I am still not over David Tennant. Number two, having a child makes time fly and unwatched episodes, seasons even tend to pile up. Now that I am in Australia, every fan home I stayed at had… Continue reading Sydney, day two