Free Croatian SF Fiction online: Parsek

Parsek is the fanzine produced by the SFera society, the oldest SF society in former Yugoslavia. It this capacity, it stands for PARadoxal SECular bulletin of the Society. At SFeraKon, there is a Special issue of Parsek featuring the year’s SFERICA winners in the literary categories. The SFERICA art categories get an exhibition of their […]

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Free Croatian SF fiction online: Eridan

The Croatian science fiction scene is lively and diverse, as I have been proudly telling Australian fans at cons and club meetings. Despite the seven annual cons and two specialized festivals, there are no SF writers in Croatia who make a living writing fiction. This is less weird in Australia than I thought it would […]

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Ditmar Awards 2013

The Ditmar Award would be the equivalent of the Croatian SFERA Award, if it were merged with European Science Fiction Society Awards. Kind of. The wikipedia entry equates it with the Hugo, and it is in as much as there is voting going on. 

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Podcast panel today

My parents had this huge bed which had a radio in the headboard. On Sunday morning, I would lie in with Mum and listen to plays based on fairy tales. This was not enough, of course, so I soon had cassettes. So I fell in love with radio drama at an early age. Later, there […]

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