The Running Man :)

Everybody's been telling me about The Hunger Games lately. Sure, I'll get around to reading and watching it... But today I would really love to re-watch the dystopia action I loved as a kid:  The Running Man. Or perhaps Robocop. 😉

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Heavy Metal

This adult animated movie haunted my dreams when I was a kid. Why am I thinking about it tonight? Because Animafest started today, the most awesome animation festival on the planet and it happens to be held in my home town. 😉 Also, am writing about it and will enjoy working late this evening -… Continue reading Heavy Metal

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Figured out what I am going to be doing for Halloween this year. Instead of watching Arsenic and Old Lace (a tradition of mine) I thought I'd go for a movie marathon, of Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, especially since I still have not seen the latest installment, The World's End. Which is SF.